CosyFans is a self-operated e-Commerce platform, we completed the entire business process by ourselves, from procurement of various brands to the shipping arrangement. Others e-Commerce platform are more likely to be a ‘shopping mall’, which allow different merchants to open shop and sell their own products; while we are running our model like AEON that completely self-operated.


Become No.1 Social E-Commerce Platform in Southeast Asia


Buy with happiness, sell with ease


Integrity-based, service-oriented, bringing joy to everyone
“We select and provide only the best from the world of goods”, this is CosyFans vision, we have always been seeking and selecting, to create a huge global quality commodity warehouse. Our supply chains are from Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, China, the United States, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, and Norway, which include more than 36 countries and regions. The product category covers 15 core hot-selling categories such as beauty, maternal & child, health care, personal care, food, home supplies, digital home appliances, luxury (bags/accessories), apparel, sports outdoor, home textiles, and daily-use supermarket products. In 2019, we will gradually introduce more finest goods around the globe.
Currently, CosyFans joint venture co-branding has reached 4,118, and the SKU database has built up for 350,000, while the normal selling SKU has more than 10,000 units. CosyFans has established overseas branches and 10 overseas warehouses in 7 countries, consists of Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA, England, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. It has set up a self-built warehouse in Hong Kong to provide the advantages of Hong Kong Free Trade Port and enable the trading of Japan, South Korea, and Europe's high-quality products to sell to other countries. At the same time, we have established a factory in China, and selected China's high-quality electronic products, home appliances, apparel and household goods to be exported globally, covering the daily needs of users, relying on the perfect supply chain of warehouse allocation, customs clearance, international and domestic logistics service, guarantee more than 100,000 items to be sent at any time with just 1-click ordering, receive goods within 8-15 working days and enjoy a 15 Days of CosyFans exclusive worry-free after-sales protection.
No matter who you are or where you from, you can sell global goods to Malaysia consumers, anytime and anywhere. CosyFans applies the concept of social retail to every scene in life. Social retailing refers to the use of social tools and scenes to enable retail for an individual to conduct commodity trading and provide new retail models. Social tools refer to a common social platform on the Internet such as Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, etc. Social scenes refer to social attributes that happened in family, community, company and other off lines scenes.
Buying is saving------ Once CosyFans normal member upgraded to store owner, he/she can own an online hypermarket (pharmaceutical + supermarket + clothing store + electrical store) and enjoy the exciting valuable shopping experience, which is shop and saves.
Sharing is earning------ Become a professional product speaker, share the goods with friends via social tools e.g. Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc., you can easily get a generous commission for each successful order, practicing sharing and earning money.


  • Simple steps to open store High-quality product kits to start the business
  • Easy on shelves Strictly purchasing standard before selling
  • After sales service Intimate customer service guarantee
  • Professional training Professional product knowledge training
  • Easy to promote Refined operation and promotion training
  • Easy to get customers Share bonus from billions of hugeads traffic
  • Easy to get paid High-quality product kits to start the business
  • Zero risk Professional legal team for protection
  • Genuine guarantee Integrity risk protection
  • High income Retail profit is guaranteed


Global warehouses

10 worldwide large warehouses with 1 large customs clearance warehouse in Hong Kong

  1. Self-built warehouse in Hong Kong.
  2. Warehouse in China that supply China premium products.
  3. 10 worldwide warehouses in Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA, England, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

24-hours on service

The store is just around, buy with ease and save the money

  1. 1 person 1 store, store owner will become your 24-hours online full-time shopping guide.
  2. Warmest and efficient after-sales service.
  3. Diversified product with real experience (New product testimonials).
  4. Colorful life and aesthetics experience.

Enormous foreign goods

More than 36 countries and regions with 4118 brands and 350,000 global famous products

  1. Overseas word-of-mouth products from the origin of the 36 countries and regions.
  2. 15 core hot-selling categories, including beauty, maternal & child, health care, personal care, home supplies, digital home appliances, luxury (bags/accessories), apparel, sports outdoor, home textiles, and daily used supermarket products.


First-hand price, bulk purchase

  1. Direct purchase from the origin of the 36 countries, brand authorization with first-hand supplies, direct shipment from the country of origin.
  2. Self-built warehouse in Hong Kong.
  3. Bulk purchase to eliminate layered fees in traditional retail.

Delivery within 8-15 working days

100,000 items are on sale

  1. International air freight from Hong Kong and China to Malaysia.
  2. 16 comprehensive customs clearance channels to ensure processing within 48 hours.
  3. Supported by world-renowned logistics companies.

Authenticity guaranteed or 100% money back

Brand authorization, refundable for fake products, efficient settlement of claim within 7 days

  1. Brand official authorization.
  2. Refund protection.
  3. Fully service by CosyFans professional customer care team, fast processing within 7 working days.
100% Authentic Guarantee
Goods Lost Refund
Goods Damage Refund
Expired Refund

Professional customer service

Local warranty & after-sales service

  1. Our customer service officer is ready to serve you during working hours (9.30 AM to 6.30 PM, Monday-Friday, except holiday).
  2. The CosyFans store owners will fully provide you a complete and caring service.